FREE ONLINE LECTURE: Eshu and the Kimbanda Realms... Join us now!

Are you ready to dive into a world of magic and ancestral spirituality?

Next Wednesday, June 28th, we have a LIVE MEETING to unravel the mysteries of Kimbanda

Join us and unveil valuable secrets about Kimbanda, its history, its fundamentals, its practices, and its rituals with the ancestral spirits

Whether you are initiated, a solitary practitioner, or just curious about Eshu and Pombagira, this is your chance! Reserve your spot now for the online lecture Kimbanda Realms and embark on an enriching experience that will transform the way you see and relate to Eshu and Pombagira.

The event is 100% free of charge and spots are limited!

Ah, if you can't follow the event live, that's ok! Sign up and, after the event, we will send you the link to watch the lecture recording whenever you want!

What you will learn:

  • What is Kimbanda?
  • And what Kimbanda IS NOT?
  • Historical Origins
  • Differences Umbanda vs. Kimbanda
  • Who is Eshu Mayoral?
  • The Kimbanda Realms
  • Initiation and Mediumistic Development
  • Eshu's Settlements, Knives and Oracles

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